Wilderness Consulting Services

WSS has played a key role in logistics planning, guiding, outfitting, and consulting with production companies since 2006. Let our experienced expedition staff help you plan and execute your next remote, international, or wildernesss TV / Film project. Here are a few of the productions we have been involved in:

Survive this Season 1

Survive this Season 2

Les Stroud’s Beyond Survival

Scare Tactics IV

Scare Tactics V

Cache Craze I

Cache Craze II

Canada’s Smartest Person

Never Ever Do This at Home II

Big Brother Canada II

Canada’s Smartest Person II

Cottage Country

Presure Cooker

Made Up

Big Brother Canada III

Canada’s Smartest Person III

Destination Detour

Baird Brothers

Merchants of the North

Driving Me Crazy

Game of Homes

Big Brother Canada IV

Top Chef Canada – All Stars

Big Brother Season V

Furze World Wonders

The Bachelor Canada

Top Chef Canada VII

The Launch

Big Brother Season VI

Ice Safety Outfitting, Guiding, & Support

Operating in remote locations since 1996

Swiftwater Safety Outfitting & Support