Our Facilities

The PaddleFoot Lodge

View from the Lake in Winter


Located just outside Baysville in majestic Muskoka, our beautiful eco-lodge and property will charm you! The luxurious PaddleFoot lodge, finished in 2009, houses groups of up to twenty youth or adults. Designed as an adult educational facility, the lodge blends classic Muskoka charm with a modicum of high tech musts. Well appointed guest rooms, adjoining full bathrooms, high speed internet access, widescreen HD viewing, great room with big fireplace, an “open mic” live music area, and a massive reference library ensure a comfortable stay. Come for the courses come back for the deck! Hit our sun/stargazing deck to enjoy a drink and a Muskoka sunset after class

A green build from the foundations up, this cozy sanctuary is also home to the company owners and

One of the main lounges

family. Property-wide every effort is made to preserve the home we share with a wolf pack, loons, owls, fox, moose, dear and a plethora of other Muskoka wildlife. This pristine facility boasts: 100 acres of wilderness, more than 5 kilometers of maintained hiking/skiing/snowshoeing trails, a 38 acre private lake with a 60 foot swimming dock, free access to our paddling equipment and boats, 2 single pitch rock climbing areas, and much more.  Our lodge and property offer the opportunity to rediscover the wilderness with all the comforts of home. All within 2.5 hours of Toronto.



Muskoka has lots to offer in terms of activities and attractions. If you choose to venture off site in your free time we have dozens of suggestions for activities and spots to visit. Local bakeries, charming walks, antique shops, mountain biking and hiking trails, rock climbing venues, whitewater paddling spots are just a few of the things on our list. Contact us to tell us what your plans are and we will refer you to some of the best attractions in the cottage country. ****Map with location of the lodge with towns around

*******Link to the directions to the lodge document******

Our property

Discover a gem in the Muskoka Region. Our 100 acres of wild Muskoka offer all kinds of opportunities for the outdoors enthusiast:


  • Bird watching
  • Hiking/Skiing/Snowshoeing around the lake on our 5 km trail
  • Canoeing
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Camping 


Guest Rooms

Guest Room

Our well-appointed and comfortable guest rooms are double occupancy, some offering a view of our private lake. Rooms feature single beds with linens and comforters, adjoining full bathrooms with towels and toiletries. These rooms are welcome haven after a full day of class.


Our Campground

Our campground offers the option to those who want to “rough it” while taking one of our courses. Just 100m down the road from the lodge, you can pitch your own tent and take advantage of the campground picnic tables and shelter. An outdoor latrine is available for night-time emergencies. All of our guests in the campground have access to the full range of facilities in the Lodge, including public bathrooms and shower facilities.


Our Kitchen

Warning! Our homemade meals and oven fresh baking are designed to keep you coming back! Meals are prepared on site by our dedicated country cooks. Our varied menu incorporates local organic produce and seasonal items into tasty dishes that will keep you coming back up to the buffet. Fresh-baked snacks are available twice a day and our coffee/tea station is always open to enhance your learning experience. We offer vegetarian and vegan options and can accommodate specific diet requirements upon request (certain conditions may apply).

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Our classroom

Designed for teaching and learning, our classroom accommodates up to 18 students. Teaching materials are provided for each course and our lodge and property offers lots of space for practical sessions.