Set Medic Services

Our medical & safety staff travel with your crew, on location, keeping them healthy at home or abroad.

WSS offers medical services ranging from individual Paramedics or First Responders for your studio set to fully staffed remote medical clinics.  Our experienced EMRs, Paramedics (BLS and ALS medics depending on your needs), RNs and Doctors are registered and certified in the province of Ontario.

  • Wilderness Adventure/Misadventure
  • Children’s TV
  • Driving
  • Hidden Camera
  • Home Renovation/Demolition
  • Studio Reality
  • Marine
  • International
  • Film Location

Listed below are some of the productions we have provided medical personnel for:

  • Survive this Season 1
  • Survive this Season 2
  • Les Stroud’s Beyond Survival
  • Scare Tactics IV
  • Scare Tactics V
  • Cache Craze I
  • Cache Craze II
  • Canada’s Smartest Person
  • Never Ever Do This at Home II
  • Big Brother Canada II
  • Canada’s Smartest Person II
  • Cottage Country
  • Presure Cooker
  • Made Up
  • Big Brother Canada III
  • Canada’s Smartest Person III
  • Destination Detour
  • Baird Brothers
  • Driving Me Crazy
  • Game of Homes
  • Big Brother Canada IV
  • Top Chef Canada – All Stars
  • Big Brother Season V
  • Furz World Wonders
  • The Bachelor Canada
  • Merchants of the Wild
  • Top Chef Canada VII
  • The Launch
  • Big Brother Season VI
  • The Brigade
  • Top Chef Canada VIII
  • The Launch II
  • Big Brother Canada VII

To discuss having our staff on your set, please call the WSS/Paddlefoot office @1-888-388-3668 or contact us via email: info@paddlefoot.ca

Amazing rigging by our friends at OneAxe! Always a pleasure running safety with these guys on set!

Some fun rigging & safety work on Cache Craze II.