Set Safety Support


Our experienced safety team has been on sets for over ten years. We look forward to a new challenge.

  • Whitewater (Rafts, Canoes, & Kayaks)
  • High Angle Rigging (Camera, Safety Crew, Stunts, SPFX)
  • Remote Communication (Locators, Beacons, & Satellite Phones)
  • Remote Transport (Crew and Cargo)
  • Marine Support with our small fleet of boats
  • International Locations, Safety, Medical Support
  • Ice Safety & Supervision
  • Remote Basecamp Management (Crew Dining Tent, Cooking, Logistics)
  • Car and Stunt Safety (Remote Safety Operator, Vector & Force assessment)







Ice Safety (News Crews on Labrador Ice)








Remote Basecamp Management (Survive This)


    International Safety (Stroud’s Beyond Survival)


     Marine support with our Fleet (Merchants of the Wild)


    Reality Television (Big Brother Canada)


    Car & Stunt Safety (Driving me Crazy)


    Remote Basecamps (Merchants of the Wild)

    SPFX Safety (MAX FX on “Survive This”)