Wilderness Safety Systems 24hr Winter Survival Workshop


This workshop is designed to pass on the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully spend the night outside in the Canadian winter in a forest environment. This is a particularly useful skill set for those traveling and working in remote areas where emergency landings, weather, snow machine breakdowns, accidents, and other mishaps frequently result in employees spending extended periods of time exposed to subzero temperatures with little shelter or supplies.




Preparedness (Always having a small supply of the right survival equipment)

Knowledge (Understanding: Priorities, Motivations, Hypothermia, Food & water sources)

Skills (Practicing: Methods of fire starting, Shelter building, Finding food & water, Signalling)

Experience (Spending an overnight in a survival shelter)









This workshop takes place over a 24hr period. A classroom space is required for both mornings and a fairly remote wilderness location is needed for skills practice and the overnight experience. Classroom & Wilderness location arrangements, Transportation of participants, Food, Supplies, and Instructor travel expenses are the responsibility of the course sponsor. Upon booking a survival workshop the course sponsor will be provided with a participant information package (What to bring, What to expect) and a sponsor information package (Including all the necessary details to host a successful workshop).

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

COST: $250.00/participant (Minimum 8 Students)