Safety Workshops






Introduction to Ice Safety

 The WSS Introduction to Ice Safety course is a one day workshop that provides an introduction to the skills needed to safely recreate and travel on a freshwater floating ice cover.

Person Overboard

 The WSS Person Overboard course bridges the gap between typical boat handling courses and lifesaving. People working or recreating in environments where ending up in the water is a realistic possibility benefit from this course’s informative lectures and dynamic workshops.



Winter Survival Training

This workshop is designed to pass on the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully spend the night outside in the Canadian winter in a forest environment.

Custom Training

 Wilderness Safety Systems offers many different types of training: Water, Ice, Rope,First Aid, Wilderness Evacuations and survival, Navigation, Logistics to name a few. Our instructors will help tailor a course to meet your (or your organization’s) specific needs. Please contact the office to discuss how we can help you get the training you desire.