Field Services

WSS has been providing quality and dynamic safety support to the television and film industry since 2006. Our set safety personnel are second to none. Chosen amongst leaders in their fields, then polished in our rigorous set mentor program, these men and women are dedicated to catering to your specific needs and know the ins and outs of the media industry. No open walkies, Never in the shot, Always where you need them.

Set Medical Personnel

Our medical staff travel with your crew to location, keeping them safe and healthy at home or abroad.

TV Stunt & Challenge Design

We are high adventure challenge specialists. Let our experienced and knowledgable team of experts help you design and run challenges that push the limits!

Set Safety Management

  • Key Safety
  • Risk Management & Safety Plans
  • Health & Safety Support
  • Water & Boat Safety
  • Swiftwater Safety & Rescue
  • Technical Ropes & Rigging
  • Stunt Safety
  • Wilderness/Remote Environment Safety & Support
  • Travel Medicine & Safety Support
  • COVID-19 Management Planning
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officers for Workplaces

Expedition Producing & Consulting

WSS has played a key role Producing, Logistical planning, guiding, outfitting, and consulting with production companies since 2006. Let our experienced expedition staff help you plan and execute your next remote or wildernesss TV / Film project.