Set Medical Personnel

Our medical & safety staff travel with your crew, on location, keeping them healthy at home or abroad.

Our Staff

WSS offers medical services ranging from individual Paramedics or First Responders for your studio set to fully staffed remote medical clinics.  Our EMRs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors are all seasoned professionals with media industry-specific training to ensure they integrate well with your crew. Our people know the industry… No open walkies, Never in in the shot, There when you need them.

Our Approach:

Crew health over crew safety. Wide variety of OTC meds and homeopathic solutions. Company physician to obtain Rx drugs and advanced directives. Heath and Safety certified and aware. Our medics work directly with your producers, director, and ADs to ensure an intimate understanding of your production and the risks involved.

Medical Equipment:

Trauma kit:

Wound Management, Musculoskeletal Management, Spine Injury Management, IV therapy

Medications Rx & OTC:

WSS medics carry a complete selection of OTC (Over The Counter) medications to keep your crew healthy and comfortable. Our team of company physicians keeps our medical staff supplied with emergency prescription medications to meet the needs of even the most serious emergencies.

Defibrilation & O2:

WSS medical staff carry a full resuscitation kit including AED and Oxygen therapy. Cardiac monitoring and assessment available for productions where the need for advanced ca®e has been identified.

Safety Equipment:


Specialized outdoor gear:

Production formats that have benefited from our expertise:

  • Wilderness Adventure/Misadventure
  • Remote Location
  • Marine
  • Cliffside
  • High Altitude
  • International
  • Stunts
  • Studio Reality
  • Roadside
  • Children’s TV
  • Driving
  • Hidden Camera
  • Home Renovation/Demolition

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To discuss having our staff on your set, please call the WSS office @1-888-388-3668 or contact us via email: