Set Safety Management

Our experienced safety team has been on sets for over ten years. We look forward to a new challenge.

  • Whitewater (Rafts, Canoes, & Kayaks)
  • High Angle Rigging (Camera, Safety Crew, Stunts, SPFX)
  • Remote Communication (Locators, Beacons, & Satellite Phones)
  • Remote Transport (Crew and Cargo)
  • Marine Support with our small fleet of boats
  • International Locations, Safety, Medical Support
  • Ice Safety & Supervision
  • Remote Basecamp Management (Crew Dining Tent, Cooking, Logistics)
  • Car and Stunt Safety (Remote Safety Operator, Vector & Force assessment)

To discuss having our staff on your set, please call the WSS office @1-888-388-3668 or contact us via email:

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