MedPro medications organizer pouch




The Med-Pro™ medications kit by Conterra is a marvel of design and workmanship. The Med-Pro™ is built to hold a large assortment of drugs in an incredibly small space. When unzipped, the pack holds itself open to reveal a padded space for pre loaded medications, a zippered compartment for large syringes and 250ml solution bags, as well as an elasticized organizer for smaller syringes. The fold out inner module sports a fifteen pocket medication organizer, which is elasticized, padded, and armor plated with Corex plastic to offer a high degree of protection for your more fragile medications. The Med-Pro™ is sized to fit into a range of Conterra packs, but will work in most other brands. We absolutely guarantee that this is the best pack of its kind that you can buy. If you need to carry a wide assortment of meds in the smallest area possible, then this is the kit for you. Add security locks separately. Medical supplies not included.

Volume: 616ci

Dimensions: 8″ x 14″ x 5.5″

Weight: 2.6 lbs.